Nacho Libre Costume

Halloween is the spooky-funny holiday everybody just loves. From March onwards, you can already start thinking what you are going to wear in October. Well, if you would like to make all heads turn around, and see the party people in tears of laughter, you have got to try out the Nacho Libre costume for adults. You will become a fierce superhero, who nobody takes seriously. Halloween is fun time after all, and letting that child come to the surface for a few hours will do you good!


The Nacho Libre wrestler costume is designed to imitate perfectly the real Black Jack character. The outfit is made up of:

-a jumpsuit with a top in flesh tone

-leggings of teal color

-some bombastic red boot tops

-the unmistakable red & teal face mask- so that you will look truly invincible


The Nacho Libre costume is made of polyester, usually available in most adult sizes. However, since most of the items in this outfit are made of polyester and latex (especially the mask)- you should make sure to respect all the cleaning and washing instructions. Many people say they don’t like to throw their money out the window for a costume they will wear only once. Think again…With such a costume, you will become the center of attention and fun at any children’s birthday parties or any costumer parties for adults. Therefore, wear your costume on Halloween, but remember to take it out of your closet on other special occasions! For even greater effect, don’t forget to attach a magic red cape to the costume.


The greatest majority of people wear boring costumes on Halloween. If you had enough with Mickey Mouse and Charlie Chaplin costumes, it is really time to come up with something more unique and fun- the Nacho Libre costume. The outfit is extremely comfortable, very easy to put on/take off, and it is super fun to wear! You will surely stand out from the crowd with an imposing yet extremely funny wrestler costume.

Becoming a Mexican luchador will surely steal hearts in a moment at the Halloween party…just be careful, your fellows might get really jealous! Show everyone that you are here to conquer, and that you are ready to take on just about any battle, and you will ultimately win! The best thing about this costume, is that you don’t have to wear anything of your own clothing, such as your jeans, or your trainers which might easily ruin the whole illusion. The Nacho Libre costume is made of spandex and polyester, and it will cover up your entire body. Don’t forget to wear the mask, and throw your red cape over your shoulders.


Make sure to look for the Deluxe costumes, if you want to get all the accessories (cape, mask, boot tops, etc.), and if you want to purchase only high quality outfits. With the Nacho Libre costume, you might very easily win the night’s competition for the Best Dressed Man!